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You must know the five warning signs of hypertension!


High blood pressure is"China's first disease", according to the newly released epidemiological data, there are about 245 million adult hypertensive patients in China, and the prevalence rate of hypertension in adults over 18 years old is about 27.9%, that is, there are 3 hypertensive patients in every 10 adults.


High blood pressure is not achieved overnight. The body will give an early warning, read it as soon as possible, and prevent high blood pressure as soon as possible.

Let's learn about hypertension5 warning signals.

1. Limb numbness


Patients with hypertension often have numbness in their fingers and toes, such as small insects crawling on the skin, tension and soreness in the back muscles.

This is mainly due to the disorder of vasomotor function in patients with hypertension, or arteriosclerosis, which leads to the phenomenon of insufficient blood supply in local limbs.

The initial manifestation was local limb numbness, and then gradually expanded the scope. Long-term insufficient blood supply will also lead to finger inflexibility, fatigue, jumping pain, cramps and other symptoms.

2. Dizziness


Hypertension dizziness can be divided into two types: sudden and persistent.

Sudden dizziness often occurs when suddenly squatting and standing up, while persistent dizziness can occur at any time. Both sudden and persistent dizziness will cause discomfort to the human body, affect the patient's normal life, living, working, learning and thinking, and even cause the patient to lose interest in the surrounding things.

3. Headache


Hypertensive headache is usually caused by the dysfunction of vasomotor function due to the increase of blood pressure. It usually occurs after waking up in the morning, but the pain will be relieved after the patient gets up, eats and exercises.

Different from general headache, headache caused by high blood pressure mostly occurs in the temples and the back of the head. The affected part will produce continuous dull pain or pulsating pain, and in serious cases, it will also produce pulsating sensation behind the neck.

4. Insomnia, dreaminess, palpitation


Due to the dysfunction of cerebral cortex and autonomic nerves caused by hypertension, patients will also have difficulty falling asleep, early awakening, dreaminess and palpitation.

5. Poor concentration and memory


Although the patients with early hypertension have no obvious performance, once the condition worsens, the patients will have inattention and memory loss.

The specific performance is as follows: the memory of old events is as new as new, but the memory of recent events is unclear. Memory loss often occurs inPeople over 45 years old.