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The company undertakes to sell the products in terms of quality, service and other matters as follows:

1、 Warranty maintenance: one year warranty for ultrasonic Doppler blood flow and fetal monitoring products sold by the company (excluding human factors and consumables), and free maintenance service shall be provided for products beyond the warranty period.

2、 Transportation and installation: the company shall be responsible for any problems (including insurance, loss, damage, etc.) in the transportation process, and our company shall bear all costs in the process.

The products can be transported to the designated place as required, and installed and debugged by personnel.

3、 Repair response: in case of quality problems during the warranty period of Three Guarantees, the company promises to reply within 24 hours after receiving the user notice, and to provide a reply to the products beyond the warranty period within 7 working days,Free maintenance service is implemented.

4、 Spare parts Service: the price of maintenance parts beyond the warranty period, our company promises to supply the products at the cost price.

5、 For the products provided, the syringe shaper is guaranteed for one year. If there is any quality problem, the new product can be replaced free of charge (the warranty is not extended), and the data sharing platform can be shared

Commitment to after sales service( )

The company will make the following service commitments in line with the principle of "credit first and integrity first":

1. bestman will provide free information consultation, color pages, technical guidance, and the use methods and operation training of the products sold;

2. the medical equipment products sold by the company are damaged by non-human. If the products are damaged due to quality problems, they will be replaced free of charge;

3. our company will respond within 24 hours after receiving the purchase call. For some special and irresistible reasons, we will deliver the goods to the company at the first time, and actively provide convenient and fast high-quality services;

4. service telephone: 0755-26411423-810 (engineering maintenance department)