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Besman and Xixiang Street Labor Community to conduct general screening of vascular health


From November 14 to 15, and from November 17 to 18, 2022, Besman, in conjunction with the Party-masses Service Center of the Labor Community in Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, conducted a four-day vascular health screening activity for the middle-aged and elderly people in the community. The screening items include: blood pressure, blood viscosity index, pulse rate value, blood flow rate, and ABI. Through these dimensions, the current vascular health status was initially screened, and potential risks were found in time to achieve early screening, early detection, and early prevention.


Activity background

In 2022, the number of elderly people suffering from chronic diseases in China has exceeded 180 million.

According to relevant information, we learned that:According to the data of seven population censuses, the population over 60 years old in China has reached 260 million in 2020. Through research, it is found that the incidence rate of chronic diseases among the aging population in China is as high as 50%.


Therefore, the country has also issued many policies for chronic diseases. How much do you know?


Activity flow

1. Propaganda of chronic disease knowledge, and take a group photo after completion;

2. Blood pressure detection;

3. Detection of blood viscosity index, pulse rate value, blood flow velocity and ABI;


Activity site


Health knowledge lecture


Active atmosphere on site


Group photo on site


Event interview

Uncle and aunt expressed their gratitude and joy to Besman for his knowledge of chronic disease and health.

One of them said:"There are so many external manifestations of chronic diseases. The breath of the patients with hyperglycemia is rotten apple flavor, and they like to eat more without growing meat." The master also said: "The blood pressure has something to do with what they eat before and after the test, mentality and exercise.".


Besman team conducts blood vessel screening for community residents


Analysis of test results

General screening in total210 people, the comprehensive positive rate is 64%, and the average age is 60-63 years old.

oneProblem analysis: The main symptoms are sclerosis, stenosis and distal blockage of blood vessels.

twoCause analysis: The body will gradually develop symptoms of hardening and blockage as it grows older. According to its own living habits and the impact of chronic diseases, such as hypertension and hyperglycemia, it will cause certain problems to the body.

threeImprovement measures: take more exercise (mainly walking for the elderly), adjust diet (mainly light and digestible), and live and rest (more rest, keep a good attitude).

This screening activity in conjunction with Xixiang Street Labor Community was very successful. It also gave sufficient health knowledge to the residents of the local community to make them know the importance of health. Our goal is also to hope that the community and people can live a healthy life every day!

Finally, chronic diseases not only affect the quality of life of individuals, but also bring certain impact on families~

Pay attention to chronic diseases and achieve early screening, early detection and early treatment.