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The diabetes foot eximination box
Product introduction

What a diabetic food screening box used for ?

A Diabetic Foot Screening Box is a kit used by healthcare professionals for the early detection and management of foot complications in patients with diabetes. 

1. Main Function :

Diabetic foot screening can detect potential diabetic foot problems in time and implement early intervention to prevent the occurrence

and development of diabetic foot. The diabetic foot screening kit is mainly used in the endocrinology department to perform diabetic

 peripheral vascular disease examination, diabetic peripheral neuropathy examination, visual position measurement and infection

 diagnosis of diabetic foot examination, etc., and it is widely used.

2.Configuration list:

①  Tap hammer

② Nerve test pen

③ Tuning fork

④ Instructions and certificates

⑤ Coupling agent (Not included)

⑥ Power cord and power adapter

⑦ BV-520T ultrasound Doppler blood flow detector

⑧ Hand-held mechanical sphygmomanometer

⑨ Arm belt


Why diabetic foot screening box is important ?

Blood Circulation: Poor circulation can lead to slower healing, increasing the risk of foot ulcers and infections. Tools like a Doppler device can help evaluate blood flow in the foot.

Sensation: Diabetes can cause peripheral neuropathy, a loss of sensation in the feet. Tools like a monofilament or tuning fork are used to check for loss of sensation.

Skin Temperature: An increase in skin temperature can be an early sign of inflammation or the onset of a foot ulcer. Infrared skin thermometers can help detect these temperature changes.

Foot Structure: The foot's structure can change due to diabetes, leading to areas of increased pressure that are more prone to ulcers. A thorough visual examination can help identify these structural changes.

Remember, early detection and management of foot complications are crucial in diabetes care to prevent serious outcomes like ulcers or amputations. Regular foot assessments by a healthcare professional are recommended for all individuals with diabetes. 

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