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Vein finder (BVF-262)
Product introduction

The breast Awareness Apparatus BVF-262 take the Specific wavelength near infrared

as the source to penetrate the breast. Different tissues of body absorb infrared light

differently . For example , abnormal tissue absorbs infrared light preferentially while

tissue in good condition absorbing less infrared light.The health condition of the

breast can be examined by the images.


1. Breast tissues are clearly imaged under the fluoroscopy of red light;

2. Compact and lightweight, ergonomic design;

3. Dual inductive touch switch prevents glare;

4. LED array, strong light source;

5. Infinite touch brightness adjustment;

6. Built-in rechargeable battery for easy use;

7. Dimension(L*W*H): 201mm*38mm*50mm;

8. Luminous power : 18W;

9. Near-infrared wavelength : 625~630nm±5%;

10. Power adapter input/output voltage : Input 100V-240V . Output DC 12 V.