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Vascular Doppler Detector(BV-520T+)

Ultrasound Doppler flow detector is a kind of instrument that can provide the detection of blood flow velocity and amplitude, suitable for measuring the blood flow velocity in arterial and venous vessels or other parts of the body, mainly used for human arterial blood flow condition and peripheral vascular disease (ABI) detection, with ultra-high sensitivity.

●10.0MHz±20% blood flow probe was used to detect the blood flow of human arterial venous blood;

●2.4 inches TFT display can display the blood flow waveform, the average blood flow velocity;

●Built-in data interface, the host can also be used alone, can also be connected to the use of computers;

●Matching optional Doppler ultrasound blood vessel analysis and diagnosis software;

●Bidirectional blood flow and unidirectional blood flow curve are optional; bidirectional display speed curve can be set into two modes

●Built-in high quality loudspeaker with clear and loud output

●Unidirectional probe is normative collocation, bidirectional probe is optional

Product introduction

Product Application:

Mainly used for human arterial vascular condition and peripheral vascular disease (P A D ) detection, applicable to urology, male, surgery, orthopedics, trauma surgery, vascular surgery, burns and plastic surgery, endocrinology and so on.

Product features:

1, through the 8.0MHz (± 10%) frequency pen probe to assist the detection of human arterial / venous blood vessels blood flow conditions

2, 2.4-inch LCD (TFT) display real-time display of blood flow instantaneous average velocity values and waveforms

3、Used for finger/toe and limb vascular anastomosis surgery after the effect of inspection

4、Probe with freeze auto-save waveform function, can store data and support playback.

5、Built-in high quality speaker, output blood flow sound is clear and loud.

6、Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery to meet the long working hours.

7、Handheld equipment, compact size, easy to use