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Vascular Doppler Detector(BV-520T Bidirectional)

Ultrasound Doppler flow detector is a kind of instrument that can provide the detection of blood flow velocity and amplitude, suitable for measuring the blood flow velocity in arterial and venous vessels or other parts of the body, mainly used for human arterial blood flow condition and peripheral vascular disease (ABI) detection, with ultra-high sensitivity.

1. Detect the blood stream status of arterial/venous by 8.0MHz, detect the blood flow average velocity, and detect the result of finger/toes and part of body's vein anatomies operation.

2. Detect the blood flow average velocity, detect the result of fingers, toes and part of body's vein anatomies operation; It can be used to listen the temporo-mandibular joints (They become noisy when they start to brake because of the bite problems), assist doctor to check the conditions of the joints and predict the result of treatment.

3. Built-in ARM microprocessor & real-time displays blood flow velocity waveform.

4. Choose menu by pressing keys, store 50 curves.

5. High-speed USB port, can be connected directly to computer to analyze, store, and print the waveform.

6. PPG probe for option.PPG probe ( for option)

Product introduction

Product Application:

Mainly used for human arterial vascular condition and peripheral vascular disease (P A D ) detection, applicable to urology, male, surgery, orthopedics, trauma surgery, vascular surgery, burns plastic surgery, endocrinology and so on.

1. Automatic power off, special USB port

2. Analyze the curve and data by V-LINK software

3. Detect the pulse rate and show PR simultaneously

4. Ultrasonic frequency: 8.0MHz±10%

5. Battery: 7.4V/900mAhrechargeable Lithium

6. Input voltage: DC 9V 1000mA

7. Doppler frequency: 100--7000Hz

8. Display: Color LCD  128×96 dots, display blood stream average velocity, PK, time, volume and battery

9. Working temperature: 10-40℃

10. Humidity: ≤80%

11. Atmospheric pressure: 86--106kPa