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Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler (BF-560B)
Product introduction

Product attributes:


White backlight LCD can display FHR for darkness use: show the probe working frequency, battery capacity, Doppler signal and alarm indicator; user friendly interface makes easy operation;

Output jack can be connected to instruments. ( headset )

Sound amplified and recorded function;

Clear sound with a high quality loudspeaker;

2.0MHz probe is standard probe for fetal doppler 

Option: 3.0MHz, 5.0MHz, 8.0MHz for fetal, umbilical blood flow and vascular doppler.  

1.5V batteries be chosen by alkaline battery

Detailed attribute table


Executive Standard:EN61266:1995

Ultrasonic frequency:2.0 MHz(Standard) 3.0MHz/5.0MHz/8.0MHz(Optional),error: ± 10% 

Ultrasonic power intensity:≤10mW/cm2

Comprehensive Sensitivity: ≥90dB

Measurement range: 50bpm–210 bpm Error: ±2bpm


Doppler Frequency: 0-3KHz

Power Consumption:≤1.5W

Power off automatically: after 3 minutes

Working Mode: Continuous ultrasound Doppler

Working temperature: 5-40℃  

Humidity:< 80%  

Atmospheric pressure:86-106kPa

Power Supply: Size 5 alkalescency battery(1.5V x3) (alkalescency battery isn't rechargeable)