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Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler (BF-500D+)
A professional perinatal monitor used to monitor fetal heart rate, fetal movement, uterine contractions, and monitor non-invasive blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram and other parameters of mothers.
Product introduction
Fetal heart sound instrument is an instrument that uses the principle of ultrasound Doppler to detect the heartbeat of the fetus in pregnant and postpartum women. This instrument is easy to operate, convenient to carry, stable in performance, and highly reliable.

Product applicability
Mainly used for detecting fetal heart rate, suitable for hospitals, clinics, households, etc.

Product Features
Pocket handheld, LCD display, headphone jack
Efficient anti-interference design, standard configuration of 2.0MHz ultrasonic probe, optional with multiple frequency probes
Automatically shuts down when there is no signal input for one minute and has an audio alarm for fetal heart rate exceeding the range, as well as a battery (low battery, audio alarm function)
BF-500D+has a blue backlight that can be used at night, and the backlight can be set on or off by the user
To save electricity and extend battery working time
BF-500D+TFT can set interface switching, four counting modes switching, and alarm switch switching
The upper and lower limits of fetal heart rate values can be set, multiple languages can be switched, and abnormal sound and light alarms can be given