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Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler (BF-500B)
A professional perinatal monitor used to monitor fetal heart rate, fetal movement, uterine contractions, and monitor non-invasive blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram and other parameters of mothers.
Product introduction
Product applicability:
Mainly used for detecting fetal heart rate, used in hospitals, clinics, and households, and can also be used for umbilical cord blood testing.
Product features:
LCD displays fetal heart rate value, battery level symbol, signal strength symbol, and probe operating frequency value
White background backlight LCD display, suitable for use in low light conditions. The backlight can be set on or off by the user
To save electricity, extend battery working time and have automatic shutdown function
Built in high-quality speakers for clearer fetal heart sound output, equipped with headphone interface
Standard probe 2.0MHZ, optional with 3.0MHz and 5.0MHz probes for detecting umbilical blood flow
Optional 8.0MHz probe can be used as a blood Doppler to measure blood flow and pulse rate values
Working mode: continuous ultrasound Doppler