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Syringe destroyer (BD-300B)

Prevents reuse of syringes by instantly melting needles at low pressure, destroying disposable syringes and eliminating cross-contamination.

Low pressure instant melting syringe needle;

High quality silver alloy electrode, no oxidation;

Melting needle with double overheating protection measures, safety is guaranteed;

Light weight, simple operation, easy to replace the blade, convenient maintenance;

Clear indication of working status;

The machine is equipped with spark-proof shield;

The residual liquid inside the needle is instantly vaporised, and the debris is contained in the dregs box;

After injection, the needle is directly inserted into the hole to melt, and the syringe barrel can be destroyed by pressing down;

BD-310 has the function of alarm and ozone sterilisation when the residue box is full;

BD-310 can cut off the syringe barrel and needle connector, cut and destroy the infusion tube;

BD-300B melting needle, destruction of syringe, built-in rechargeable battery, AC / DC use;

BD-300C melts the needle, destroys the needle, AC use;

1. Internal Lead-acid battery, can working under AC or DC power source.

2. low voltage electric shock can melt the needle instantly; mechanic cutting can melt syringe body, double overheating protection is provided.

3. Surplus liquid in the syringe can evaporate instantly without pollution.

4. There will some electrical spark which is normal during melting.

5. Indicator light sparks during melting, showing the needle is under destroying, the whole process will be finished in 1 to 3 seconds.

6. Destroy Needle specifications 18G---34G

Product introduction

1. Power: AC 110V±10%/220V±10%; DC 6V

2. Melting method: melt with low pressure, high temperature; mechanic cutting of the body.

3. Melting efficiency: take 20ml syringe body as reference, can melt syringe (Φ1.2mm length 35mm) approximately 3 seconds; destroy the body within 4 seconds.

4. Working time: can destroy around 240 continuously which takes 20ml syringe body as reference.

5. Working noise:≤50 dB

6. Electrode chip working voltage: AC 8V

7. Power: ≤130VA

8. Electrode chip overheating protection temperature: 85℃