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Fetal/Maternal Monitor



1. 5.7 inches TFT LCD displays 2 x US and 1x UC data, mother's NIBP, TEMP, RR, SpO2, and ECG main parameters and monitoring trace curve etc.

2. FHR collects signal indication, alarm indication for abnormal FHR, fetal movement indication, and can freeze monitoring status.

3. Can set the time limit (0-99 minutes), and automatically enter dormant state if no signal input.

4. Store monitoring data for 24 hours, with replay function.

5. Coding keyboard adjusts all parameters setting of the unit, convenient to use.

6. Adopt 832 thermal linear array printer, store the data and print rapidly; and printing width is 112mm.

7. The printer parameters can be adjusted as users’ need, including printing paper speed, trace line thickness, signal sampling rate, upper and lower alarming limit, real time, and date.

8. Set-up data and parameters can be automatically saved after power off.

9. The monitoring data can be conveyed to exterior computer through RS-232 or USB port.

10. Trolley (adjustable) for option, convenient to move and operate.



Transducer   9 crystals, wide wave beam

Working mode: Pulsed ultrasound Doppler

Ultrasonic frequency: 1.0MHz±10%

Measuring range:    50-240 BPM

Alarm range:  Up: 55-240 BPM Adjustable continuously within range

Low: 50-235BPM Adjustable continuously within range



Display range: 0-100units  (non-linear error: ≤±10%)



Edition USB 1.1 or USB 2.0; RS-232



Paper width: 112 ± 2mm effective record width: 105 ± 2mm; Paper length: 15m

Recorder density:  US:  27 BPM/ CM; UC:  40 BPM / CM

Printing speed (adjustable):  1 cm/min, 2 cm/min, 3 cm/min



Battery: 16.8V Ni-MH rechargeable batteries group;  AC 220 /110 V ;  Consume power: ≤ 60 W

Continuous working time in static condition: ≥ 1 hours


ECG and HR

Measuring range: 30 BPM -350 BPM

Cardiac electric noise level: ≤ 30 μV

Cardiac electric frequency response:

Filtering mode: 1-25 MHz

Non-filtering mode: 0.05-100 MHz

Cardiac electric Input loop current: ≤ 0.1 μA



Measuring range:

a) SBP: (8.034.0) kPa or (60255) mmHg

b) DBP: (4.026.0) kPa or (30195) mmHg

c) MAP: (5.328.7) kPa or (40215) mmHg

Automatic measuring interval: 3 min-99 min adjustable continuously within range

interval error: ≤ ±10 s



Measuring range: 0 BPM-100 BPM



Channels: 1

TEMP probe: surface probe 1pcs

Measuring range: 28-45

Response time: ≤30s



Measuring range: 0-99%



Measuring range: 30-250 BPM


Working Temperature: +5 -40   Humidity: ≤80%  Atmospheric pressure: 86 kPa106 kPa

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