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Fetal/Maternal Monitor


Fetal/Maternal Monitor



1. Display the US and TOCO Data with two groups LED display.

2. FHR collection signal for quality indication, alarm indication for abnormal FHR, Fetal movement indication display on the printing paper.

3. Coding keyboard adjusts all parameter setting of unit, memory and replay the data in 24 hours(for option).

4. Record FHR, UC, FM mark, necessary character interpretation and monitoring time synchronously with 832 thermal linear array printer.

5. Curve printing speed, line of thin or thick, signal collection rate can be adjust for the requirements of user, the printing speed can be setup to 1,2,3cm/min.

6. Adjust the upper and lower alarming limit, real time, date and other parameter, the set-up data can be saved automatically after powered off.

7. The monitoring data can be conveyed to the exterior computer by RS-232.





Probe: 9 crystals, wide wave beam

Working mode: Pulsed Doppler

Ultrasonic frequency: 1.0MHz±10%

Signal processing: signal processing units for special digital signal         

FHR range: 50--240bpm

Alarm range: Up: 55--240bpm   Low: 50--235bpm

Printing resolution: 27bpm/cm

The highest frequency output: ≤5W



Display range: 0--99units ((nonlinear error ≤±10%)

Printing resolution: 40units/cm

Display: display US and TOCO data with two group LED display

Battery: 16.8V/1800mA NI-MH rechargeable batteries group

Time of continue working in static condition: ≥2 hours

Power supply: AV 100--240V 50Hz/60Hz DC 24V±1V

Consume power: ≤50W

Working Temperature: 10--40°C

Humidity: ≤80%

Atmospheric pressure: 86--106kPa

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