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The annual award ceremony of Besman was held successfully


At the beginning of the new year, in the past year, under the correct leadership and full support of the company, and with the joint efforts of all the staff, the company has made steady progress and achieved gratifying results.

In order to sum up experience, commend the advanced and clarifyThe company's work goal in 2023 is to meet the new year with a better spirit and more energy, and actively implement the work in 2023. After research, the company decided to hold the 2022 annual award ceremony recognition conference on February 13, 2023.

On the day of the conference, with the passionate opening speech of the host of the conference, Liang Hong of the Business School,The 2022 annual award ceremony officially kicked off.


First, Bai Yong, chairman and general manager of the company, delivered a speech.


No pains, no gains,2022 is a year for the whole company to make concerted efforts, work together and stride forward.

The achievements belong to the past, and the future is expected to be brilliant. Looking forward to the future, the company has a more ambitious goal and a more arduous task.

President Bai's speech pointed out the company's development direction and objectives, and gave a strong shot to all employees of Besman.

Next is the exciting awarding session, which has been set up11 awards, a total of 27 cash awards.


Major contribution award


Yuan Wenting Li Yufang

Willing to pay, they have no regrets; They are selfless and have love. They spared no effort to contribute and wrote the most beautiful footnotes for Besman's listing with flying passion.

Stable contribution award


Cao Haizhu Xu Yumei

She is conscientious, willing to pay, exhausted, and works with all her strength. She keeps working passion in daily affairs, and her stable performance proves her contribution.


Performance contribution award


Xu Yumei Wang Ke

Forge ahead and surpass yourself. In the fierce market competition, we fully display our talents and capabilities, and have brought huge profits in the important stages and projects of the company's development.


Technical Contribution Award


Huang Pingsheng Huang Jiahao Tang Huihong Luo Yong

Wisdom comes from meeting challenges, and example comes from spiritual incarnation. They are committed to industry, grow up in the present, take tackling difficulties as their own responsibility, and pay as tuition. They interpret the spirit of dedication, hard work, steadiness and dedication.


Outstanding development award


Fei Yan Huangyang River

Focus on customers and expand the market. In the south and north, we have created new channels and opened up new battlefields without fear of strong enemies. Always maintain the invincible passion and the hegemony of fighting for the vanguard.


Outstanding newcomer award


Wang Yue Xi Jun

Carefulness and concentration are their working attitude, and responding to requests is their consistent style. Dare to contribute, be willing to help others, work efficiently and complete tasks well.


Outstanding cadre award


Cao Haizhu Ye Jinhua

They care for their subordinates, take the lead everywhere and set an example in everything. While setting an example, use wisdom to strategize and courage to overcome difficulties. They are the mainstay and development backbone of Besman.


Excellent employee award


Pan Yongji Li Jide Tang Huihong Tang Hongbo

Day in and day out, he silently pays for his ordinary job and regards his work as a sacred mission. Even if the position is ordinary, he can show his life value with the highest standard and create every fortune for the enterprise with unremitting efforts.


Best Loyalty Award


Chen Zhiqiang Huang Pingsheng Wang Dehu

Adherence will make loneliness disappear; Work hard to make the noise disappear. Adhering to the principle of perseverance, cultivating silently and endowing the best youth with the cause of common struggle.


Best Undertaking Award


Liang Hong Tang Qichun Pan Yongji

Be brave to shoulder heavy responsibilities at critical times and never be discouraged under pressure. Abide by responsibilities, never relax, be responsible and adhere to principles. Achieve yourself in the undertaking and sublimate the mission in the undertaking.


Performance Star Award


Wang Ke

Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. In the gloomy market, we should strive to practice the professional standards of professional salesmen, serve customers with true feelings, and describe the future with ideals.In 2022, he will use his achievements to give back his answers and become the annual sales champion!

With the end of the award ceremony, the conference concluded successfully in a warm and exciting atmosphere.