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More than one million adverse events of medical quality and safety in China in 2021


Everyone should have the experience of seeing a doctor in the hospital in the past. As a patient, I certainly hope that the doctor who sees a doctor to me is skilled and experienced, and can cure the disease with medicine. But the reality is not so optimistic. Medical events such as doctors' misdiagnosis, prescribing wrong drugs, and nurses' using wrong drugs often occur, and some medical events even lead to the death of patients.


IAdverse events of medical quality and safety

The World Health Organization defines adverse events as injuries caused by actions related to medical management rather than by disease complications.


Among them, medical management covers all aspects of medical services: disease diagnosis and treatment, systems and equipment involved in medical services, etc. Adverse events are divided into preventable events and non-preventable events.

In China, adverse events of medical quality and safety refer to the negative events of unsafe hidden dangers, states or consequences caused by various factors other than the natural process of the patient's own disease, which are actively discovered by the staff in the medical institution or occur during the patient's receiving of diagnosis and treatment services.

II2021 National Medical Service and Quality Safety Report

According to《According to the National Medical Service and Quality Safety Report in 2021, 4688 hospitals were included in the analysis of adverse medical quality and safety events in 2021, of which 1091075 cases were reported by sampling hospitals;


In 2020, 1265 patients (18.99%) were injured by adverse events that required treatment or intervention or even caused death (grade E to I), up from 2019.

IIIMedical quality and safety adverse event classification concept

Level A: objective environment or conditions may cause adverse events (potential adverse event)

Level B: adverse events occurred but did not involve patients

Level C: adverse events involved patients but did not cause injury

Level D: adverse events involving patients need to be monitored to ensure that patients are not injured, or intervention is needed to prevent the occurrence of injury

Level E: adverse events cause temporary injury to patients and require treatment or intervention

Level F: adverse events cause temporary injury to patients and require hospitalization or extended hospitalization

Level G: permanent injury caused by adverse events

Level H: adverse events occur and cause patients to need treatment to save lives

Level I: death of patients due to adverse events

From the above data, we can see that adverse medical quality and safety events in hospitals are very common.

IVThe doctor was not ill

It is the doctor's bounden duty to save the dead and heal the wounded, but the doctor is also a human being, who will make mistakes. Therefore, adverse events of medical quality and safety cannot be completely eliminated, but can only be reduced as much as possible.

So we might as well change our perspective, instead of worrying about adverse events of medical quality and safety, we should solve the problem from the source.

As the old saying goes:The ancient famous doctor Bian Que explained the truth that "the upper doctor is not ill, the traditional Chinese medicine wants to be ill, and the lower doctor is ill".


Once, King Wen of Wei asked Bianque:"Which of the three brothers in your family has the highest medical skills?" Bian Que replied, "Elder brother is the highest, Brother Zhong is the second, and I am the worst." King Wen of Wei then asked, "Why? Can you make it clear?"

Bian Que replied:"My elder brother cured the disease before it was manifested, so his medical skills were only known to our family, and his reputation could not be spread. My elder brother Zhong cured the patient at the beginning of his illness. Most people think that the patient had a minor disease, so his reputation is not big, and only local people know it. My Bian Que treated the disease after it was serious, and others saw me cut meat and bone, and the action is quite Big, I think I'm very good at medicine, and I'm famous for it. In fact, compared with my elder brother and brother Zhong, my medical skills are the worst. "

The real miracle doctor is to remove the focus before the disease threatens human health.

Therefore, we should change our concept, not only to save the dead and heal the wounded, but also to protect health.


It is important to rescue patients from the disease, but more important is to protect people's health, keep people from falling into the hands of the disease, achieve prevention more than cure, and improve the quality of life of the people's life cycle from the source.

In reality, most people will only go to see a doctor when their body has a problem. At this time, the disease has taken shape, even to a very serious extent. Often, some patients go to the hospital for an examination of late cancer, so we can only move forward the preventive measures through screening, eliminate the risk factors of disease before the people get sick, reduce the initial incidence rate of disease, so as to achieve more efficient prevention and low mortality"Cure the wound".


Therefore, in addition to improving the public's health awareness, strengthening screening must also put forward more and higher requirements for doctors, which is also a major challenge that the hospital must face in the process of high-quality development.