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One of the great tools in the ICU, the Bestman feeding pump

In his article, Bestman shows you the INTENSIVE Care Unit (ICU), he listed numerous medical devices in the ICU ward, such as ecg monitors, blood filters, ventilators, ECMO, etc. The effects of various medical devices are eye-opening to us, truly 'the last gate on the road to death'.


In addition to these medical devices that act on the heart, blood, and breathing, there are other important devices in the ICU, such as the feeding pump, also known as the enteral nutrition pump.


Some time ago, the news media reported that a 4-year-old boy in Kent, England, was born with a soft throat and reflux, so he could not eat properly. He survived by using a feeding pump connected to his stomach. But the feeding pump can only keep him alive. His body is much smaller than that of his peers. However, as he grows older, his condition will be life-threatening.


Like other medical devices in the ICU, the feeding pump can stand out as the last hope for critically ill patients when other treatments fail.


Patients who need enteral nutrition support should use the feeding pump to assist feeding during the nutritional support process. The advantages of the Besman feeding pump are as follows:


1. Infusion speed and infusion volume can be accurately controlled;


2. Avoid gastrointestinal complications caused by rapid perfusion;


3. Reduce the damage and stimulation of the pipeline to the patient.


The use of Bess feeding pump can ensure stable nutrient solution concentration, temperature, speed and osmotic pressure, reduce diarrhea, reflux, aspiration pneumonia, gastric tube blockage and other complications, ensure the effective implementation of enteral nutrition, improve the work efficiency of medical staff and the cure rate of critically ill patients. At the same time, the feeding pump is small in size, high in safety, economical and convenient to operate, and has a more extensive clinical application prospect in the future.


The Besman feeding pump is used to perform enteral feeding on the patient, the patient. The enteral nutrient solution fed by human body can provide additional power, and can control the enteral nutrient solution to flow into the stomach and intestines of human body in a directional and constant speed in the infusion tube, which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of enteral nutrient solution by patients.


The parameters of Besman feeding pump are as follows:


1. Microcomputer control, accurate and reliable; Automatic alarm device, safe and reliable; Touch the button on the panel, step by step


2. Pump pipe can be quickly connected with bottles and bags


3. Real-time memory function to ensure the individualization and accuracy of infusion dose and speed


4. Various sensor technologies to detect the flow status of upstream and downstream


5. Automatic perfusion function


6. Ac/DC dual power supply


7. Unique bottom sucker design to prevent subversion caused by touch during operation and placement


8. Preheating function of nutrient solution (optional)


9. Flow rate setting range :50-400ml/hr Increment :1ml/hr


10. Flow velocity accuracy: 10% or 0.5ml/hr of the selected flow velocity, whichever is larger


11. The total infusion volume of continuous feeding ranges from 50-3000mL, and the total infusion volume of intermittent feeding ranges from 50-1000ml each time with 1-100 times and 1-24h intervals; Rinse solution 10-500ml, interval 1-24h.

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