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Intelligent thermostat (BFW-1050B)
Product introduction

 Warming Cabinet BFW-1050B



Products applicable to the industry:The health care industry, drug control, environmental protection, chemical industry, laboratory, food, health and epidemic prevention departments for drugs, reagents, vaccines and other products stored in imported computer monitoring, temperature controller, color display, high precision, high and low temperature alarm, temperature sensor fault alarm, to prevent accidents.




1. 32 bit high speed microprocessor, the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.5,

controllable temperature value is between 5 and 60;


2. True color touch screen, large screen display, with the screen synchronous display of data

transmission, timer and temperature change;


3. According to the heating step, the temperature is monitored in real time, and 16 monitors

are synchronized and monitored in real time;


4. User-friendly user panel, easy to identify, easy to operate;


5. Built in toughened glass door provides good air tightness and easy to observe the working

condition of the machine;


6. Provide a variety of modes of work, adapt to a variety of environments;


7. Three temperature protection, temperature cut-off function, leakage and current excessive

circuit breaker;


8. The silent heating motor makes the temperature distribution of the inner cavity of the instrument uniform, and the rocking function is built-in to improve the heating efficiency;


BFW-1050B capacity: 30 liters, maximum heating power: 500W