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Infusion&Blood Warmer (BFW-1000+)

Infusion warmers are specialized in warming blood, blood products, medicinal fluids, nutritional fluids or rinsing fluids at refrigerated or room temperature to the desired temperature to prevent hypothermia and its related complications.
Product introduction

Blood and Infusion Warmer



BFW-1000+ provide Wi-Fi connection, infusion flow speed test, room temperature detecting function. As kind of warming device, medical fluid infusion warmer BFW-1000+can warm the liquid that infused into human body by warming the infusion pipe, with high efficiency and easy use.

Dry groove warmer structure: Adopt conventional infusion pipe to warm the infusion pipe directly, no need of special medical consumables.



1. The BFW series is an instrument that can heat the infusion/blood by electrical energy, dry warmer.


2. Temperature sensor in it can automatically adjust the fluid temperature.


3. Infrared detection function can work continuously for 3 to 6 hours;


4. Prompt function: the audible and visual alarm to remind doctor;


5. Design Water-proof. The thermostat inside keep the infusion stableprevent overheating.


6. BFW-1000Highlight LED display;


7. Can start to warm within 1 minute after switching on.


8. Temperature range: 28℃ - 41℃ ( ±1 )


9. Humidity: 35 – 95 %RH ( Non condensing)


10. Flow Rate: 1-15ml/min