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Future development direction! What will happen to the family health products that we often use?


With the improvement of China's economic level year by year, people pay more attention to physical and mental health, and the medical insurance system is gradually improved. With the common support of these good factors, the household medical device industry has also ushered in a new stage of development. From the initial capital investment and accumulation stage to the technology and product upgrading stage, plus artificial intelligence technology, the future products will present three major directions in terms of technology and function:


Intelligent is the direction of many products upgrading, and home medical equipment is only one of them. In the future, most medical devices will have the functions of data recording, storage and transmission. With the development of telemedicine, there will be a large number of wearable medical devices for dynamic monitoring of human vital signs. Compared with some motion monitoring devices on the market, the measurement data is more accurate and the measurement method is more scientific. Now some companies are already working on this, such as wearable devices that can monitor heart condition in real time, devices that can monitor blood pressure or blood glucose for a long time, and so on. At present, there are also such devices, but the measurement is generally more complex, the requirements for users are very high, and the value is not accurate enough. In the future, the monitoring equipment will adopt the standardized production mode to ensure the accuracy of the data, and can be connected with the network equipment, which will become a link in the realization of telemedicine and family medicine.


People will first feel uncomfortable with medical health. Whether going to the hospital or receiving treatment, the whole process is always full of all kinds of discomfort. With the gradual implementation of family medical concept, the future home medical devices will pay more attention to the comfortable use. Home is a place to rest, where there is usually more sense of security, so people will put forward comfort requirements for the equipment used here. Market demand is the goal of manufacturers. In the increasingly fierce market competition, whose products can meet the needs of customers, who won the victory, comfortable home medical equipment products are easier to get customer stickiness.

Multi function

In fact, product multi-function is a very common phenomenon, and it is also a direction that many products must face in the process of upgrading. The multi-function of family products may be reflected in the combination with family scene. Under the premise of multiple functions, it occupies a smaller space. Zhejiang has become a direction of the development of household medical devices. The above situation is related to the gradual reduction of the modern family environment, which can reflect the function integration of many family products due to high house prices.

Besman believes that at present, the medical device industry is in a stage of great changes, and the industrial development, economic situation and technological upgrading will promote the development of the medical device industry. In the future, with the aging of the population and the increase of patients with chronic diseases, household medical devices will also usher in a broader development prospect.