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Fetal Maternal Monitor (BFM-700+)
A professional perinatal monitor used to monitor fetal heart rate, fetal movement, uterine contractions, and monitor non-invasive blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram and other parameters of mothers.
Product introduction

Main features:

1. A 5.7 inch color LCD display that displays the curves of monitoring parameters and the current monitoring status, and can be stored and played back.

2. Long life thermal wire array recorder, which can record monitoring data in real-time using thermal paper; And the stored content can be printed.

3. Using digital signal processor (DSP) technology, real-time autocorrelation calculation of fetal heart rate is achieved, ensuring accurate and reliable detection of fetal heart rate.

4. 1.0 MHz pulse Doppler working mode, low ultrasound dose, low sound noise, high sensitivity, low ultrasound dose probe.

5. Humanized design of instrument dialogue interface, simple and convenient operation, and intuitive working status.

6. Dual event identification - The scaler used by pregnant women is recorded by pregnant women operating the event; The clinical event marking keys used by medical staff can be marked by doctors.

7. Use PUSH-KNOB encoding disk operation; Online help for system operation.

8. Multiple alarm functions; Including: fetal heart rate exceeding alarm, probe detachment alarm during monitoring, low battery alarm, printing door not closed properly or printer out of paper alarm, etc.

9. Data can be transmitted to a PC through the local RS-232 and USB communication interfaces.

10. The curve printing speed, signal sampling rate, and recording curve offset on LCD and recording paper can be flexibly set; The upper and lower thresholds for fetal heart rate exceeding alarm values, as well as the time calendar, can be adjusted at any time.