If the Internet changes the way people behave and live, then the comprehensive digital innovation brought by big data will change the way of thinking of all mankind and reshape the new space and order of civil society life.

General secretary xi jinping pointed out at boao BBS that happiness and a bright future do not come by themselves, and success belongs to those who are brave and diligent. Through the unremitting efforts of the whole upstream and downstream industry chain participants in the digital industry, fragmented, localized, regional and departmental data are integrated orderly for the first time, breaking through the information island, eliminating the data chimney, promoting information sharing and inspiring new values.

In recent years, the new highlights with big data as anchor and scientific and technological innovation as the sail frequently leap into the industrial and public vision, making the people increase their sense of gain at the same time, it also drives the development of all walks of life.

Digital government: a new way to govern

In the era of big data, the way of national governance is also being innovated. "new" is an unprecedented and profound change in government governance, and the concept of "digital government" comes into being.Digital government is a new type of government operation mode formed under the existing government organization structure and following the three-dimensional integration structure of "system innovation + technology innovation + management innovation". With data dialogue, with data decision, with data service, with data innovation. As an integral part of the digital China system, digital government is an important lever and engine for promoting digital ecological construction, achieving high-quality economic development and creating new advantages in the business environment.

Compared with the red tape and muddled work style that are often criticized in the past, new Suggestions such as "handling government affairs by the hand" and "one-network-connection", "doing business with more data", "entering only one door" and "running at most once" for enterprises and the public, have all been put forward and come to reality under the framework of digital government. With the main goal of improving the modernization of government system and governance capacity, digital government has become a highlight in the supply-side reform.

How to move from the effective allocation of administrative power to the effective use of data resources, the key is to empower data to make decisions driven by data rather than aided by data. Data are the means of production and basic elements in the information age. Although the governance of digital government also includes the management of social and public affairs, such "management" is accurate governance based on data resources. Therefore, the construction of digital government in essence urges the transformation from traditional government centered on power to digital government centered on data, information and network.

How to build a service-oriented government, the key is to promote the traditional government to the traditional government and the deep integration of e-government. From "the government serves dishes" to "the masses order". People-centered is the basic value orientation of digital government. The construction of service-oriented government emphasizes the deep integration, effective connection and mutual supplement between offline and online government. Offline traditional government's support and rely on the electronic government affairs in the physical world, the electronic government affairs is the organization form of digital government in the virtual world and the real extension of the government, to explore the complementary and offline and online business system of synergy, assurance and zero distance, real-time interactive communication, public understanding of civil appeal and quick response, so as to promote the government to promote the efficiency of the service quality and service, improve the satisfaction of the people, and enhance the government's credibility.

Digital government is also a key node in how to promote the collaborative governance of government, market and society from a single governance body to multiple governance bodies. In the traditional government governance practice, the government often produces and provides public goods and services, and at the same time conducts the governance of social public affairs. As the network configuration of social resources, market organizations, social organizations and the general public can effectively participate in public affairs management and public service supply, the main body interaction between large-scale, real-time, spontaneity, collaboration characteristics of socialization, governance practices are increasingly present government, market, society, collaborative work in the public domain. Therefore, it is necessary to give full play to the functional advantages of administrative governance mechanism, market governance mechanism and community governance mechanism, and coordinate various resources to achieve value synergy and create public value through cross-boundary interaction and platform collaboration.

Therefore, digital road practice of advanced enterprises is undoubtedly an important part of digital government construction. The government data application scenario service provider, the city data asset operator and the artificial intelligence data source service provider have proposed that the data finance will eventually surpass the land finance and become the decisive force of national competition in the future. With more than 80 local governments in China, jiuxi has established a joint venture of big data application and data asset operation and management company, deployed more than 500 big data platforms with technology and innovation strength, obtained more than 200 patents and software and other professional qualifications, and helped local governments release data value according to local conditions.

Digital ecology: the new industrial future

Since 2017, the government work report has been written into the "digital economy", proposing to further develop the "Internet plus" and accelerate the growth of the digital economy, which is seen as a new driving force for economic growth. The concept of digital ecological community derived from this is gradually accepted by more people.The new economic unit with three characteristics of value cycle system, industrial integration mechanism and social synergy platform can be called "digital ecology". Digital ecology is the basic unit of digital economy. A large number of heterogeneous enterprises, with the help of emerging technologies such as big data, are closely integrated together, forming a value cycle system of symbiosis, mutual production and even regeneration, and generating new industrial integration mechanism. Different from traditional industries, which are limited by time and space, digital economies can often form social collaborative platforms for extensive cooperation across regions, industries, systems, organizations and levels.

At the same time, based on the provinces and cities, the digital ecology will be more stable, starting from the characteristic industries and location characteristics, focusing on the new generation of information technology industries such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the old drivers and industries of the development of digital economy. Top-level designs such as the "made in China 2025" plan and the "One Belt And One Road" initiative also provide strong support for enterprises in the fields of technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing and ICT infrastructure to realize digital transformation.

Industry experts judge that the growth of future industries and companies will be based on specific digital ecosystems, either by creating a new one or by adding one. Companies outside the digital ecosystem will struggle to survive.It has always been committed to ecological cultivation of the ninth power of big data, while building a stable foundation of its own strength, to support the new blood and innovative wisdom of big data industry, and to grow together with many strategic technology emerging enterprises such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, to create a win-win pattern of cooperation.

Internally, nine power encourage internal entrepreneurship, abandon the traditional central type development, rely on the fighting in the joint venture into customer needs, analysis of market pain points, breeding, hatching dozens of separate columns to carry out the research platform, to project to the ground, in their respective professional polishing products, promote internal connectivity and efficient utilization of resources, with customers increasingly diversified and personalized services; Outside the company, nine power with excellent technical support and powerful channel capacity, attracted a lot of big data industry niche companies to join, such as concentration education data of new contacts, business transaction data for science and technology, and open all the resources to support these companies become segment leader and pioneer in the field of application.

Digital technology: a new frontier breakthrough

In the fourth technological revolution with a variety of new terms, digital technology is both familiar and unfamiliar. Big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc., are well-known all over the world. With the bombardment of media and the increasing penetration frequency of life, the public's cognition of digital technology tends to deepen.

At present, digital technology has entered into almost all fields of society, including politics, economy, culture, medical prevention, finance, agriculture, energy, urban management and so on. For example, quantitative technology and artificial intelligence can help users make investment decisions through the analysis of historical data, and the accuracy rate can be higher than existing manual analysis. The mining and analysis of accumulated data of e-commerce platforms and the production of user portraits can accurately dig out consumption trends and push commodities. Through the analysis of urban traffic flow, congestion, vehicle data, commuting time, traffic light technology and other comprehensive data, the best traffic mode and traffic light optimal time design can be combined, and the traffic rate can be increased by 20% during the peak period.

The 2019 government work report highlights the need to "continue to lead development through innovation and foster new drivers of growth". New drivers need to emerge from innovation, and enterprises should occupy a dominant position in innovation. Scientific and technological innovation enterprises can provide products or services with high technical content, own independent intellectual property rights, and have core competitiveness, which can not only continuously obtain innovative achievements in technology, but also continuously broaden the scope of scientific and technological services.

Policy and capital are once again working together to encourage technological innovation. As one of the most popular focus of capital market this year, especially for science and technology and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise service kechuang board is known as "the Chinese version of the nasdaq", under the request of endogenous development of capital market reform, in the domestic economy fertile soil tillage planting kechuang enterprise group as the backing, also contain profound strategic intent, national energetical support kechuang enterprises will become an important new force China's multi-level capital market.

As a result, technology companies with hard technologies and reliable business models will be leading the way for a long time to come.

Digital statecraft: a new era

In recent years, digital governance has become a hot word of transformation, which is in line with various top-level design ideas. Wang sanshou, the founder of nine power big data, proposed that digital governance needs to be understood from the perspective of big data assisting government governance and decision-making.

From the experience of governance, to digital management, bearing not only on science and technology as a representative of the development of productivity, is not limited to, by means of digital control technology, the deeper is digital drive national governance system and the new concept of modern governance ability, in the lead in the development of China's regional plan, is the original idea for global governance and practices, is China's future and the world an important milestone in the future.

The release, integration, sharing and application of data are the premise of leading the transformation and development of digital governance. On top of this, nine power of big data, speed data resources integration release from all walks of life, start the data assets operation, innovation data application popularization, maximize the revitalize the governments at all levels of public security, transportation, medical, health, employment, social security, geography, culture, education, science and technology, environment, finance, statistics, weather, such as huge amounts of data, improve the ability of social governance, governing the country for the digital practice digital decision-making provides a methodology.

General secretary xi jinping has made it clear that what kind of governance system a country chooses is determined by its historical heritage, cultural tradition and level of economic and social development, as well as by its people. It is not difficult to foresee that the future national and even global governance will be based on the dual integration of the deep integration of the physical world and the digital world, digitizing the oversupply, backward production capacity and extensive production relations, and reconstructing the dialectical relationship between productivity and production relations, superstructure and economic basis. In this era of great changes, nine power big data is with firm goals and professional strength, the implementation of digital China and data national strategy.