Vascular Doppler System


Aplicación del producto:

It is mainly used for judging and diagnosing non-interventional peripheral vascular disease (PAD). Through ABI and TBI measurements, the patients'peripheral vascular diseases were quantitatively judged. It is suitable for geriatrics, cardiovascular, endocrinology, physical examination and other departments.

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Parámetros del producto

Three Measurement Modes of Blood Pressure Waveform

ABI and TBI Index Measurement

Compatible with two-way, one-way blood flow probe and PPG probe, it can detect different parts.

It can store up to 1 million sets of data and connect to PC for transmission.

Equipped with laser printer

Mobile trolley design with super large LCD screen

BV - 660T + can simultaneously measure the maximum systolic blood pressure of upper and lower limbs and automatically calculate ABI or TBI values.