Fetal/ Maternal Monitor
Fetal/ Maternal Monitor
Fetal/ Maternal Monitor

Fetal/ Maternal Monitor


Product Compatibility:

BFM-720 Fetal & Maternal Monitor specifications


Product parameters

High resolution 14 inch TFT-LCD color screen show twins fetal heart rate,maternal TOCO,fetal movement,and curves

Touchable and foldable screen, Chinese and English dual-use interface, monitoring parameters display in large character

Built-in thermal printer,Compatible with different thermal recording paper(max 150mm width)

Microcomputer control, accurate and reliable.

Friendly interactive interface , progressive guidance for procedures and operations. 

Automatic alarm , safe and reliable

1000 files memory for replay  

AC and DC power supply

Desktop, wall, moving trolly are compatible, adapt to different environments

Built in communication  interface ,central monitoring system supportive

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