The diabetes foot eximination

The diabetes foot eximination

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Diabetic foot screening box through screening, can effectively prevent diabetic complications caused by high-risk foot patients further develop into foot gangrene, greatly reducing the risk of amputation, is a fast, non-invasive screening program for diabetic peripheral vascular disease. Multiple peripheral sensory neuropathy was diagnosed by tactile examination and local acupunctural pain examination. Doppler technique was combined with ankle-brachial blood pressure and toe-brachial blood pressure components (used to measure ankle-brachial index ABI and toe-brachial index TBI) to examine the physiological status of peripheral blood vessels.


Product parameters

Color display of instantaneous mean velocity, pulse rate and bidirectional waveform of blood flow

It can store 50 sets of data for blood vessel examination of fingers, toes and limbs.

Diagnosis of multiple peripheral sensory neuropathy by 10 g nylon wire tactile examination and local needling pain examination

128 Hz tuning fork for deep sensory examination is the standard of neuropathy

Examination of peripheral vascular lesions in diabetes mellitus

Examination of diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Diagnosis of diabetic foot

Foot and ankle blood pressure < 50 mmHg = severe limb ischemia

Foot and ankle blood pressure > brachial artery blood pressure 130% = arterial calcification

Toe blood pressure < 30 mmHg = severe limb ischemia