Blood and Infusion Warmers

Blood and Infusion Warmers


Product Compatibility:

It is suitable for operating room, ICU, emergency room, ward or other places. When the instrument is working, the heat is transferred to the liquid flowing in the tube of the tank through the trough heat exchanger, and the blood, blood products, medicine liquid, nutrient liquid or flushing liquid are heated to the ideal temperature, which can prevent hypothermia and its related complications.


Product parameters

The range is 28 - 41 degrees Celsius (0. 1 increment)

Fast: 2 minutes to reach the set temperature, 24 hours of continuous work

Special tube for large flow blood transfusion; no electricity alarm

Efficiency: Intelligent microcomputers can automatically control constant temperature. The heating capacity can reach 9 liters per hour. It can simultaneously heat multi-channel isothermal liquids (BFW-1020C heating capacity 15 liters per hour). Its unique drip speed/room temperature/wireless connection function design can be achieved through wireless function.

Transfer data to central monitoring system (BFW - 1020B configuration)

3. 2 inch color LCD display, real-time temperature, setting temperature, heating time, alarm indication, room temperature, drip rate, whether there is market electricity indication, whether there is liquid indication, whether there is communication indication