Infusion & Blood Warmer


Product Compatibility:

By heating the infusion tube, the instrument for warming the liquid imported into the human body has the advantages of high heating efficiency and convenient use. The dry groove heating structure uses conventional infusion tube without special consumables. It is suitable for blood transfusion and infusion of patients before, during and after operation; intravenous nutrition infusion; infusion of children or newborns; blood transfusion and infusion in cold environment.


Product parameters

Temperature Control Technology: Using Intelligent Microcomputer Control Technology, Triple Temperature Control Protection

Dry heating structure can be heated to set temperature in 2 minutes.

Tip function: After infusion, sound and light alarm

Setting range: 28℃ - 41℃,±0.5℃.

Heating capacity: 0 - 1000 mL/h

Clear display of liquid heating temperature by high brightness LED digital tube

Fault sound and light alarm, built-in battery, infrared detection function can work continuously for 3 - 6 hours after power failure of external power supply