times:2019-10-28 writer:贝斯曼

Since its inception is 2011, Bestman which is a leading brand in the global perspective has been focusing on medical devices for 18 years. Its independently developed Doppler blood flow detector enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. It is also a famous brand in the field of fetal monitoring in China and one of the top ten brands in fetal care.

Bestman has been rooted in China and grown up gradually. Now, bestman has maintained closed cooperation with many overseas medical institutions for a long time. A number of products developed and produced by bestman are listed as designated suppliers by cooperative medical institutions for the treatment and protection of thousands of lives. It is the best embodiment of the quality policy of the company with "innovation, improvement, service, integrity and security" and the purpose and commitment of "making reliable products for customers".

Bestman recently signed a partnership agreement with Dr. Alicia lsasa's SALUD ASISTENCIA hospital in Chile. Dr. Alicia lsasa is the recipient of the Century International Quality ERA 2018 prize, an International prize presented by BID Quality Convencion Internacional.

Mr. Bai Yong, general manager and chief engineer of bestman and Dr. Alicia lsasa attended the meeting and signing ceremony at SALUD ASISTENCIA hospital to formally finalize the cooperation. During the ceremony, Mr. Bai Yong congratulated Dr. Alicia lsasa on winning the Century International Quality ERA 2018 award. It is significant to be deeply involved in the medical field and to win an International award, which is the biggest recognition of the hard work of medical workers for many years.

Later, Mr. Bai yong talked about his commitment to medical devices for decades, and believed that constant product innovation is the driving force for the development of the company. He leads bestman to develop from scratch and expand its proud overseas performance. Alicia lsasa shows great admiration about that.


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