The 82nd China International Medical Equipment Fair,looking forward to meeting you

times:2019-10-17 writer:贝斯曼

With a theme of Intelligence Reshapes the Future, the 82nd China International Medical Equipment Fair will be held in Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition during October 19-22, 2019.

After 40 years of self-improvement and continuous development, the CMEF has now become one of the world’s leading global integrated service platforms in the value chain of medical devices, covering products and technology, new product launches, procurement and trade, scientific collaboration, academic forums, brand promotion, education and training.

As of now, more than 7,000 medical device manufacturers from over 30 different countries and regions have annually exhibited their products and services with us at the CMEF. For trading and exchanging of medical products and services, about 2,000 specialists and talents and almost 200,000 visitors and buyers including government procurement agencies, hospital buyers and dealers from over 100 countries and regions gather at the CMEF.

As a long term exhibitor at CMEF, Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co,. LTD was invited to attend the exhibition again. Bestman will bring the Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler, Fetal/Maternal Monitor, vascular detector, blood & infusion warmer, syringe destroyer, viral signs detector, insulin cooler box, vein finder, feeding pump and the new products ultrasonic beauty instrument and breast self check mammography apparatus to the exhibition.

The Bestman blood & infusion warmer adopt intelligent microcomputer control technology, with three protection, liquid automatic heating and a high precision control in the temperature range has been set. The unique drop speed/room temperature/wireless function design, through the wireless function, the data can be transfer to the central monitoring system.

Application: operation room, ICU, emergency department, inpatient ward, transfusion room

Bestman feeding pump adopt the LCD display which is friendly interactive, progressive guidance for procedures and operations. The product has automatic alarm, safe and reliable. Continuous feeding, intermittent feeding and automatic perfusion function are available. Immediate memory function to ensure the infusion dose, individualized speed and accuracy.

Application: department of critical care medicine、nutritional department、clinic、internal medicine department

Bestman diabetic foot screening diagnostic kit is a quick and non-invasive screening program for diabetic peripheral vascular diseases. Early screening can effectively prevent the further development of foot gangrene in high-risk foot patients caused by diabetes complications and greatly reduce the risk of amputation. The physiological status of peripheral blood vessels was examined by Ultrasonic vascular doppler detector technique combined with ankle brachial blood pressure and toe brachial blood pressure components.

Application:department of endocrinology, internal medicine department, peripheral vascular disease

Bestman, founded in 2001, famous brand of fetal monitor in China, global leadership brand of Vascular doppler, is an high-tech medical equipment company in research, production and sales.

Bestman is always in line with the management aim that “innovate in science and technology, create wealth, repay society and contribute to human health” and strives to build China’s top medical equipment base as a leader in the industry.

exhibition information

1.Time and place

Time: Oct19-22, 2019

Address: Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition

Booth: N1P20, P22

2.Market information

According to authoritative statistics, China's medical device market is expected to exceed 600 billion RMB in 2019, reaching 628.5 billion RMB. In the next five years (2019-2023), the annual compound growth rate is about 14.41%, and it is predicted that China's medical device market will exceed one trillion RMB in 2023, reaching 1,076.7 billion RMB.

Facing the gradual implementation of the layout of China's great health industry and the coming 5G era, China's medical device market still has a broad development prospect.

3.Scope of exhibits

Vascular Doppler System, Ultrasonic Vascular Doppler Detector,Vein Finder, Blood & Infusion Warmer, Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler, Fetal/Maternal Monitor, Syringe Destroyer, Insulin Cooler Box, Feeding Pump, Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument, breast self check mammography apparatus and diabetic foot screening diagnostic kitetc.

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