5G Theme: What will interconnection bring to the innovative application of display technology ?

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial licenses, marking China's formal entry into the 5G era. In fact, in recent years, 5G has become a competitive technology field. Just as the saying "5G competition has begun, the United States must win" has become a very critical competitive field in the Sino-US trade war. In short, 5G has become one of the hottest topics at present.

From the current application point of view, 5G will be first used in smartphones, but there is no doubt that the "growth story" of 5G mobile phones has just begun. At present, major manufacturers have also accelerated the technology and product layout of 5G mobile phone application scenario, and also accelerated the competition for entrance of new application scenario. For future scenario applications, major manufacturers will continue to explore, such as VR/AR, 8K, intelligent conference display, telemedicine... Therefore, the impact of 5G technology on display industry and technology is undoubtedly enormous, whether it is de-productivity or diversified scenario applications. From the perspective of innovative application, this topic comprehensively analyses the impact of 5G on display industry and technology.

Since this year, there have been more and more discussions about 5G. From the first 5G railway station in the world to Shanghai Hongqiao, to the first 5G network provided by the press centers of the two sessions, from the approaching 5G mobile phone listing to the relevant policy news release... The 5G era is really coming!

Looking back at the development of mobile interconnection in the past 30 years, human beings have completed the first transformation from mobile communication to mobile interconnection, and the industrial structure has returned from the dispute of building barriers to paying attention to the origin of user experience. Today, the pages of 4G in the history of human mobile interconnection are about to be turned over, and the 5G network will open a new chapter in the interconnection of all things...

What are the advantages of 5G over 4G

Looking around the world, from operators to mobile phone and chip manufacturers, to driverless, panoramic video, VR/AR, the enthusiasm spark of 5G industry chain is accelerating. Many people can not help wondering, so that all walks of life, want to take advantage of a wave of "East Wind" take-off 5G, compared with the current 4G has any advantages?

Firstly, the main technologies of 5G are listed briefly.

   ·Massive MIMO (Large-Scale Antenna Technology): Improve Spectrum Utilization Rate;

   ·MmWave (millimeter wave): higher spectrum (spectrum is a limited resource), the main direction of current technology; high transmission rate, but easy to cause path obstruction, and fast signal attenuation;

   ·SDN (Software Definition Network): Network Innovation Architecture, network allocation, management and programming, improve the speed of operation;

   ·NFV (Network Function Virtualization): Software processing, which carries many functions, reduces the cost of expensive network equipment;

    ·Open Flow (Network Protocol): To achieve flexible control of network traffic;

  ·Small Cell (Low Power Wireless Access Node): Support multiple wireless port standards, important components of data shunting;

   ·Multi-RAT: a variety of wireless networks;

  ·SON ad hoc network: to meet the increasingly complex challenges of IP network, reduce the cost of network planning, deployment, maintenance and barrier removal, so that operators can operate and maintain high-traffic network efficiently;

   ·The biggest difference between D2D:5G and 4G application layers is to realize massive terminal access.It can be seen that, compared with previous generations of networks, 5G network has the characteristics of high speed, wide connection and low latency through the combination of the above-mentioned key technologies.

Specifically, with the rapid development of network speed, 5G network has higher frequency, wider bandwidth, 20 times the peak rate of 20Gbps, and 20 times the peak rate of 4G; the user experience rate can reach more than 1Gbps, 100 times the rate of 4G; the delay can be reduced by 5-10 times; the connection density of equipment can be increased by 10-100 times to support the connection of 1 million devices per square kilometer; and the traffic density can be increased by 10-100 times. It rises 100-1000 times to tens of terabits per square kilometer per second.

5G+Display: Leading a New Round of Innovative Application

5G has gone beyond the pure category of the new generation mobile communication system, and is becoming the basic platform for the game between countries, stimulating investment, leading scientific and technological innovation, realizing industrial upgrading, promoting economic prosperity and developing digital economy. The greatest impact of 5G on economic and social development lies in: from the people-centered communication consumer market to the "vertical industry market" of people and things, things and even to the industrial internet, opening a new era of tactile Internet of "communication + control" between people and things. The former breaks through the field of people-to-people communication, while the latter will be complete. Break through the scope of communication and enter a new world.

In the field of display industry, since the advent of LCD, every wave of development of display industry has been inseparable from the rise of new application market. Even at the present time when OLED, quantum dot display, micro LED/Mini LED and other display technology routes are in full bloom, the development of innovative application market has always been the display industry chain, especially. It is one of the focus of panel manufacturers. Based on the rapid development of 5G, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things and Internet +, the application of terminal products will be further opened. In the future, "5 G + display" will have more innovative applications and imagination.

At present, the rapid development of new display technology industry is affecting all aspects of our life, including smart phones, household appliances, consumer electronics, automobiles, smart city management. At the same time, the continuous innovation of the downstream application scenario network from new technologies to new materials to the entire display industry chain has also given countless enterprises tremendous opportunities. In the future, with the support of 5G, new application requirements will continue to explode, and the demand of communication terminals, especially mobile terminals, will also be closely related to display.

Driven by the popularization of 5G mobile Internet applications and the consumption demand of large screen, high resolution, high precision and ultra-thin display terminals in the future, the terminal display market, including the Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Things, smart city management, smart family, industrial control and so on, will develop rapidly, which will drive the rapid growth of the demand of display panel industry. This point has been well explained in recent exhibitions of major display industries. Including operators China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo and other terminal manufacturers at the conference demonstrated leading products, services and technologies to shape the future of mobile, including mobile phones, terminals, network infrastructure, software and services. And all of this will be displayed in front of people through display products.

The ports of mobile communication and interconnection of all things will be presented mainly by display, which shows that the market demand for broader applications will be vividly displayed in the future. With the rapid development of display technology, the application of downstream innovation has lagged far behind the development of industry. The advent of 5G is opening up a new and broad application market for display industry.

5G + Consumer Applications: User Experience of Optical Fiber Speed

5G has the characteristics of high speed, low delay and Dalian connection. For mobile Internet users, the goal of 5G in the future is to achieve user experience similar to optical fiber speed. In the 5G environment, large video services and VR (virtual reality) / AR (augmented reality) services, which have gradually emerged in recent years, will achieve explosive growth.

According to Bell Laboratory Consulting Department, 33% of the traffic will be carried by wireless networks such as 5G/4G in 2020. 4K UHD service requires a stable bandwidth of 50Mbit/s. The average 40Mbit/s 4G network can not be satisfied. Experts point out that 5G will bring the rapid development of mobile video on demand/live broadcasting, video calls, video conferencing and video surveillance and the leap of user experience quality. 5G+4K/8K will make UHD video popular. Video conferencing can be easily implemented and experienced by mobile terminals in any location in the 5G era. Real-time video conferencing will bring users to the scene. HD video surveillance will break through the limitation that cable network can not reach or the wiring cost is too high. It can be easily deployed anywhere through 5G network with lower cost.

On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, after 36 years of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, for the first time, the 5G transmission of VR ultra-high definition video content has been realized. It is also the first time that CCTV uses 5G network to broadcast VR Spring Festival Gala live. With the development of 5G and the arrival of the era of interconnection, many organizations predict that VR will probably become the traffic entry of the next generation of Internet.

The development of 5G technology, the enhancement of processing ability of mobile intelligent terminals and the improvement of performance of mobile sensor devices provide the basis for the popularization of AR services on Intelligent terminals, provide necessary support conditions for layered personalized information services, and also greatly promote 5G in education, games, promotion, shopping and social organizations. Innovation of network, business statistics, tourism and other business. For example, in the construction of smart city, with the continuous production of massive video surveillance data, the existing network can not meet the needs of multi-node links and massive video data transmission for smart security, and 5G just can meet these needs of smart security.

5G+Smart City: Innovative Application Promotes Management Upgrading

In recent years, a series of favorable policies for building smart cities have been implemented. Internet + technology, artificial intelligence, big data technology, cloud computing technology and 4K/8K ultra-high definition video technology have been applied one after another. The basic information construction of smart cities is also in full swing. In particular, the recent issuance of 5G commercial licenses has injected a cardiotonic agent into the development of all walks of life, promoting its new vitality.

China Unicom's "Intelligent City Center" is a "4+N" new smart city upgrading scheme based on advanced technologies such as 5G and rich practical experience. It integrates "perception center, information center, AI center, command center and application center" to provide people's livelihood services, urban governance and industrial economy. Different application services such as economy, ecological environment and so on. At present, China Unicom has been relying on the "Intelligent City Center" to launch intelligent government, intelligent transportation, intelligent tourism, intelligent medical, intelligent environmental protection and other advantages, and has been successfully commercialized in more than 200 cities throughout the country.

The "Intelligent Government Brain" is a "3+N" solution that integrates "Cloud-Net Integrated Platform, Data Fusion Platform and Intelligent Engine Platform" with N government applications. It can make intelligent decisions through the comprehensive integration of government data, Internet data and social data, and through the construction of various algorithms and models. Each capability is transported to various scenarios of social governance and government services, which is widely recognized by the market.

In recent years, China Unicom has made great achievements in smart transportation, smart government, smart travel, smart environmental protection and big data. Recently, China Unicom officially released the Digital Intelligent Traffic Control System. The Digital Intelligent Traffic Control System can scan the intersections of the whole city in real time through massive trajectory data. It can timely obtain information such as congestion, alarm, road condition and real-time trajectory, and provide real-time warning, problem diagnosis, iterative optimization and effect evaluation. Estimate intelligent service. Digital Intelligent Traffic Control System (DTCS) provides decision support for traffic management agencies and traffic planning agencies at all levels, which covers the whole spatial dimension of urban traffic. This indicates that Unicom is in the forefront of the industry in the field of intelligent travel.

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