times:2019-07-15 writer:Bestman

Bestman successfully participated in 2019 FIME Exhibition in Miami beach,Florida.from 26-28th June 2019.We wongreat success at this year's FIME. 

A FIME will be relocating back to its permanent home in Miami Beach this year.For 28 years,Florida International Medical Expo(FIME) has brought you new andrefurbished medical equipment,hospital technology, products and supplies. Fromstate-of-the-art imaging equipment to the most cost-effective certified preownedmedical equipment, FIME continues to be the leading healthcare businessplatform across the Americas and the whole world.

Exhibitionproducts for this time lines a wide range of Vascular Doppler,Fetal monitor,blood and infusion warmer.vein finder and new product of breast Cancers screening instrument and cosmetic instrument etc independently researched and developed by Bestman attracted agreat attention overseas customers during this exhibition, lighting a way

forthe human health advancement. 

Bestman will insist on high quality products and thoughtful service to ensure thedevelopment of international market. We have every reason to believe that Bestman internationalization will be better and better.

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