First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University

First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University



The First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University was founded in 1949. It was established in Kaifeng, the capital of the Eight Dynasties. It was merged into Henan University in 2000 and became the first Affiliated Hospital of Henan University. It has experienced both storms and hardships for more than sixty years, and has developed healthily for more than sixty years. Now it has become a provincial comprehensive medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation and first aid. Homogeneous tertiary hospital. It is the first national standardized training base for general practitioners, the national standardized training base for resident doctors, the education and training plan base for outstanding doctors of the Ministry of Education, the designated stroke surveillance Hospital of the State Health Planning Commission, the Kaifeng sub-center for early detection of diabetes mellitus, the network hospital of the International Emergency Rescue Center of the Health Planning Commission and the National Health Planning Commission. Mirror and Minimally Invasive Training Base, Personal Injury Medical Recognition Hospital designated by the Provincial Government, Henan University Judicial Accreditation Center, Kaifeng Branch Center of Henan Hypertension Control Research Center, New Rural Cooperative Medical System, Kaifeng Medical Insurance, Urban Residents Medical Insurance and other designated hospitals.

At present, the hospital has more than 1600 open beds, more than 1700 employees, more than 300 professors, associate senior titles and doctors, one person enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, one person enjoys the special allowance of the Henan Provincial Government, one person is the leader of the specially appointed disciplines of science and technology in Henan Province, eight young reserve talents of science and technology in Henan Province, three scholars of the Yellow River and more than 70 persons respectively. He is the chairman and member of the national, provincial and municipal professional societies. In recent years, the hospital has continuously strengthened domestic exchanges, established training bases, and regularly selected the backbone of departments to go out for academic exchanges and technical training to provide a solid guarantee for the development of disciplines.

To refine and standardize the subject categories is the most comprehensive hospital with complete specialty settings in Kaifeng City (Eastern Henan Province). Medical technology is exquisite. In the 1960s, it took the lead in colon esophagectomy, Daphne induction in the 1970s, electrovaporization of prostate in the 1980s, and stereotactic brain therapy in the 1990s for Parkinson's disease. At present, the operation treatment of complex heart disease, interventional treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, multidisciplinary minimally invasive treatment, intensity modulated therapy of tumors, individualized treatment of tumors, etc. have reached the leading level in the province, and become the only brand in eastern Henan. It has 10 provincial key medical disciplines such as oncology, neurology, cardiovascular surgery, digestive diseases, medical imaging and so on, three key cultivation disciplines such as general surgery and neurosurgery, two key disciplines of the Provincial Education Department of Stomatology and clinical medicine, and the hospital has Henan International Joint Laboratory of Neurological Diseases and Henan Province. Provincial Key Laboratory of Molecular Immunity of Medical Oncology, Kaifeng Key Laboratory of Molecular Imagery and Molecular Immunity of Tumor, Henan University Cancer Center, Henan University Institute of Neurological Diseases and other 9 scientific research institutions. There are 6 scientific and technological innovation teams at provincial, school, municipal and hospital levels, and there are in-hospital Youth Innovation funds. In recent years, the total number of scientific research projects in hospitals has reached 180, and 20 projects of the National Natural Science Fund have been approved. Among them, the key international cooperation projects of the National Natural Science Fund have filled the gap of clinical medicine projects in the health system of Henan Province. White.

The hospital is the teaching base for training senior medical and health personnel in Henan Province. It is the authorized unit of professional and academic master's degree for the first-level disciplines of clinical medicine. It covers 20 second-level disciplines. It undertakes the teaching tasks of medical and nursing technology and master's degree in Henan University, with more than 100 graduate tutors. It has one national project of "Excellent Doctor Education and Training Plan", three national experimental projects of innovation and entrepreneurship for University students, and three provincial educational reform projects. The hospital has a large number of advanced medical equipment, such as GE750 gemstone energy spectrum CT, GE750 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging, German Siemens digital subtraction angiography (DSA), high-definition ultrasound endoscopy and so on. SPECT-CT, PET-CT and PET-MR have been put into use. It has become a unit with both PET-CT and PET-MR, and is combined with the hospital gene diagnosis center. It realizes the leap from imaging to molecular diagnosis. Intelligent hospital informationization construction, keeping pace with the development of the times, will "process reengineering" become the core of hospital informationization construction, change business strategy and improve service mode, and ultimately achieve better patient satisfaction.

As a model soldier of provincial civilized units, the hospital has been awarded "National People's Relief Hospital" and "National Model Workers'Home" by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions; the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Educational, Cultural, Health and Sports Unions, awarded "Earthquake Relief and Disaster Relief, Pioneer of Rebuilding Home Workers"; and the State Health Planning Commission awarded "Volunteer Service is Advanced in Hospital Activities". Units; Labor Medal of May 1 in Henan Province, Henan Provincial Health Planning Commission awarded "Henan Health Promotion Demonstration Hospital", "Henan Mass Satisfaction Hospital", "Advanced Medical Administration Unit", "Advanced Quality Nursing Service Unit", "Advanced Work Style Construction Unit", "Previous Fenggang in Health" and "New Rural Cooperative Medical System Pioneer". Advanced units of information management, advanced units of hospital innovation management, advanced units of health culture construction, and advanced grass-roots Party organizations awarded by Henan University Labor Committee.

In the Regional Planning of Medical and Health Resources of Kaifeng (2009) and the Regional Health Development and Resource Allocation Planning of Zhengbian New District (2010) of Henan Provincial Health Planning Commission and Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, our hospital has planned a new hospital area with an area of more than 360 Mu beside the campus of Henan University in Kaifeng New District and started the construction of one hospital and two places. It is planned that 500 new beds will be added when the first phase of the project is completed, with a construction area of 290,000 square meters. It integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, rehabilitation and first aid. It is a high-level university affiliated hospital with complete functions, advanced technology and beautiful environment and a regional research center for prevention and treatment of major difficult and difficult diseases. At that time, our hospital covers an area of more than 500 mu, with a total building area of 400,000 square meters and 2,500 open beds.