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Regional agents are invited to create a grand cause

A national high-tech enterprise in the field of medical ultrasound for more than 20 years, ten brands of fetal heart rate instrument, a well-known brand in the field of fetal monitoring in China, and a global leading brand in the field of Doppler blood flow detector.

Overseas ----

Our products sell well in more than 90 countries, and we have gained a good reputation in overseas markets. 

Today ----

We seek cooperation with an open attitude and the idea of sharing...

Our four safeguards
  • Risk-free operation
    Joint operation, risk we bear
  • Greater Market
    R&D/patent protection/wider clinical application
  • Profit Guarantee
    Strict Regional Protection and Perfect Marketing Model
  • Common development
    Shared dividends for listed companies (already under guidance)
How do you become a partner?
  • Having human resources in medical industry
  • Have certain financial advantages
  • Prospective vision of the industry
  • Have the execution ability to cooperate with the head office's development strategy
What are you waiting for?
Immediately call the merchant contact number
  • North China +86-755-26416184
  • East China +86-755-26416184
  • South China +86-755-26416184
  • Central China +86-755-26416184
  • Northwest China +86-755-26416184
  • Northeast China +86-755-26416184
Cooperate with the cooperation process
  • 01
    Online application
  • 02
    Needs Communication
  • 03
    Join the Mandatory Reading Contract Download
  • 04
    Payment method
  • 05
    Become an official agent
  • 06
    Sign an agency contract
  • 07
    Channel Commissioner upgrades your level
The agent qualification