Ultrasonic Cosmetic Instrument

Ultrasonic Cosmetic Instrument


Produit application:

BUC-88 uses high-tech nano-chip mode and special technology oscillation technology to make pure water nano-sized, split into 0.3 to 0.5 micron, can quickly penetrate into the bottom of the skin, so that the skin can better absorb water; High-frequency oscillating ultrasound can break up the accumulated pigments in the epidermis and stimulate the skin. Protein activation has stopped the physiological activities, making the skin more smooth and delicate.

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Paramètres du produit

Nanometer water replenishment, 500 6 u m diameter holes, 1 million vibration frequencies per second, accelerating absorption

Tension tightening, 10,000 Hz mechanical vibration wave per second, shake off drooping face and excess body fat

Medical-grade anti-allergy ultrasound probe, without pulling the skin, permanent anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant

Mobile power supply and built-in lithium power supply ensure current stability and safety

Five-stage ultrasound cosmetic mode, one probe, five depths to meet a variety of requirements

Ultrasound deep introduction, the deepest depth up to 4 - 6 m directly to the cells, young visible

Massage skin gently and gently, improve basal microcirculation, accelerate penetration, and accelerate skin absorption

Small and portable, easy to use in one design

Warm and hot sewage, accelerate skin metabolism