Intelligent Thermostat
Intelligent Thermostat

Intelligent Thermostat


Produit application:

Mainly used in operating room, ICU ward, CT catheter room, radiology department, interventional room, emergency department and other hospital departments; used for constant temperature heating of liquid drugs, saline, contrast agent, irrigation fluid, iodophor, dialysate, nutrient solution, patient's single towel, etc.

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Paramètres du produit

32-bit high-speed microprocessor, temperature control accuracy can reach (±0. 5℃), controllable temperature value is between 5 ℃ and 60 ℃.

Touch screen, true color large screen display, synchronous display of data transmission, timer and temperature changes on the same screen

Various working modes, built-in tempered glass door, good air tightness and easy to observe the working situation

Triple Temperature Protection, Temperature Upper and Lower Limit Cut-off Function, Leakage and Current Excess Circuit Breaker

Real-time graphical monitoring temperature according to heating steps, up to 16 thermostats synchronized real-time monitoring, wireless data transmission

BFW-1050A capacity: maximum operating power at 10 liters of heating: 300 W

BFW - 1050B capacity: maximum operating power at 30 litres of heating: 500 W

BFW - 1050C capacity: maximum operating power at 50 litres of heating: 700 W