Ultrasonic Vascular Doppler Detector

Ultrasonic Vascular Doppler Detector


Produit application:

It is mainly used for the detection of arterial blood flow in human or animal. It is suitable for urology, andrology and hand surgery. Department of Orthopaedics, Traumatic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Burn, Plastic Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, etc., with superelevation Sensitive, small size and easy to use.

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Paramètres du produit

10.0 MHz + 20% bi-directional blood flow probe can simultaneously detect the condition of arterial blood flow.

2. 4 inch TFT display displays blood flow waveform, average blood flow velocity and pulse rate

Host built-in memory, can store a large number of blood flow waveforms

The direction, mode frequency, voice, time scale, waveform and data of the probe can be set.

Built-in data interface, which can be used with vascular analysis and diagnosis software

Two-way blood flow curve, which can be separated and combined into two modes