Ultrasonic Vascular Doppler Detector

Ultrasonic Vascular Doppler Detector


Produit application:

Ultrasonic Vascular Doppler Detector is mainly used to detect the blood flow status of human or animal artery. It is suitable for Urology, male, hand surgery, Department of orthopedics, trauma surgery, vascular surgery, burns, plastic surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery and so on with ultra high sensitivity, small size and easy-to-use characteristics.

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Paramètres du produit

Effectiveness of finger/toe and limb vascular suture surgery

8.0 MHfz probe

Handheld devices, referring to compact, built-in high-capacity rechargeable batteries, easy to use

BV-520 Bar LED Cursor Indicator

BV-520T 2.4 inch color liquid crystal display

BV-520T can be equipped with special software to realize data analysis and printing of hemodynamic meter