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Vascular Doppler Detector(BV-520TV+)

Ultrasonic Doppler flow detector is an instrument that can provide detection of blood flow velocity and amplitude, suitable for measuring blood flow velocity in arterial and venous vessels or other parts of the body, mainly used for human arterial blood flow conditions and detection of peripheral vascular diseases (ABI), with ultra-high sensitivity.
Product introduction

Ultrasonic vascular doppler is mainly used to detect the human and animal blood flow.

1.  Detection of arterial / venous blood flow in human or animal by 9.0MHz blood flow probe;

2.  TFT display indicating blood flow intensity;

3.  Built-in high quality loudspeaker, the output blood flow sound is clear and sonorous;

4.  Built-in high capacity rechargeable battery meets the demand of long time work

5.  Portable equipment, small size, easy to use;

6.  Normative collocation: 9.0MHz Blood Detector Probe.