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Ultrasonic beauty instrument (BUC-88)
Product introduction

Using technology

This product adopts the high-tech chip mode and special process oscillation technology, which makes the purified water nano-sized and split into 0.3-0.5 micron, which can penetrate into the bottom of the skin quickly and absorb the moisture better. The high-frequency ultrasonic concussion can shatter the pigment that accumulates in the skin and stimulate the protein of skin to activate the physiological activities that have stopped to make the skin become more and more smooth and delicate.


Product features

²Hand-held device, small and convenient,

²Use nano spray and ultrasonic beauty function

²Device, probe, water tank integrated design,  the


Product function

²All-around moisturizing maintenance can be used for face , hair and other parts of body to prevent hair static, reduce skin wrinkles, reduce skin sensitivity.


²Sedation skinThe skin can be quickly recovered after a few minutes of spraying if  apply a facial mask after sunburn or facial massage the skin will be stimulated,the pores will open or the skin will be itchy and itchy.