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Syringe destroyer (BD-320A)
1. It can work under AC power source only.

2. Low voltage electric shock can melt the needle instantly; mechanic cutting can melt syringe body, double overheating protection is provided.

3. There will be little electrical spark which is normal during melting.

4. Indicator light sparks during melting, showing the needle is under destroying, the whole process cost only 1 to 3 seconds.

5. Destroy Needle specifications 

   BD-320 30G---34G

   BD-320A 18G-34G

Product introduction

1. Power: AC 110V±10%/220V±10%;

2. Melting method: melt with low pressure, high temperature;

3. Working time: can destroy around 240 continuously    take 20ml syringe body as reference

4. Working noise:≤50 dB

5. Electrode chip working voltage: AC 8V

6. Power: <130VA

7. Electrode chip overheating protection temperature: 85℃