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Intelligent thermostat (BFW-1060A)
Product introduction



Products used in operating room, ICU ward, CT catheter room, Radiology, interventional room, emergency department and other hospital departments; Used for heating liquid pharmaceuticals,physiological brine, contrast agents, rinses,iodine, dialysate, patient warming cabinet, etc which needs thermostatic heating.





Microcomputer control, accurate and reliable, friendly interface;


Automatic alarm device, safe and reliable;


Built-in double liner design, select nutrient solution or injection

mode according to different requirements ;


Nutrient solution or other reagents heating mode temperature range: 30-70℃;


Injection mode temperature range: 27-40℃;


Large liner capacity design, the liner can be placed in the fluid and solid; drawer design, using rail transportation conveniently.


BFW-1060 is 154L; BFW-1060B is 252L.