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Insulin Cooler box (BIC-30)
Product introduction

Product Name Bessemer Instruments Insulin Refrigerator

Model BIC-30

Size (L*W*H)/Weight198mm*82mm*80mm, 0.65kg (excluding accessories)

Storage space (L*W*H) 170mm*46mm*18mm, can store 2~3 insulin pens, an injection pen

Temperature can be adjusted to 7℃, 10℃, 15℃, 23℃

Lithium battery DC: 3.7V 6100mAh can make the machine work continuously for about 12 hours

Mobile power specification DC:5V 13000mAh

Input power 1.DC5V, 2. built-in lithium battery 3.7V, 3. mobile power 5V (2A output port required)

Car charger input: DC12V~24V output: DC5V 2A

Power adapter input: AC100V-240V output: DC5V 2A

Rated power consumption DC5 W (at 5.0V) and 3W (at 3.7V)