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Infusion&Blood Warmer (BFW-1020C)

Blood transfusion warmer is suitable for operating room, ICU, emergency room, ward or other places; when the instrument is working, the heat is transferred to the liquid flowing in the tube in the trough through the trough heat exchanger, and the blood, blood products, medicinal fluid, nutritional fluid or rinsing fluid in the refrigerated or room temperature will be warmed up to the ideal temperature, and it can prevent the hypothermia and its related complication.

1. Temperature intellectual controlling technology:

2. Warm the device quickly, warm the fluid automatically and control the temperature accurately in the predetermined temperature, safe and stable;

3. Color LCD Display:

4. Real-time liquid temperature,set temperature,room temperature,dropping speed (10-300 drips/min),warming time,alarm indication,electricity on or off indication,liquid exist or not indication, wireless access indication;

5. Security feature: Low temperature alarm & high temperature alarm;

6. Infrared sensor technology: Audible & Visual alarm for finishing infusion;

7. Warming structure: dry-groove type, binocular tube warming, faster & better efficiency. Use normal infusion tube, no need special consumables.

8. WIFI for option, can connect with central monitor system.

Product introduction


1. Safety classification :Type B/Class I

2. Power supply:AC 220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz /110V±10% 60Hz±1Hz

3. Power:≤600W

4. Electric shock protection class:Ⅰ

5. Electric shock protection level:B

6. Waterproof and dustproof rating:IP64

7. Fuse:(AC:220V) 4 XT2AL 250V  or   (AC:110V) 4 X T4A L125V

8. Temperature set range:28℃-41℃ (increasing rate 0.1℃)  (82℉-105.8℉,steadily increase on base of 0.2℉)

9. Temperature error: ±1℃ (±2.0℉)

10. External dimension:190mm×550mm×150mm

11. Weight:5.5kg