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Bestman insulin cooler, essential for business trips and hiking


As a medical device enterprise, Beisman is committed to the development of the great health industry, and brings healthier life to the public within its capacity. Now people are living a rich life, eating well and drinking well, and the pressure in work and life is fast paced, which leads to an increasing number of people with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.


For those who have to use needle-type insulin, or injectable insulin, it is important to consider the preservation of insulin in different environments. Many imported insulin are insulin glycine, which means the temperature limit is very strict and must be kept at 2 to 8 degrees. Other non-imported insulins, which are less temperature-sensitive, can be stored at 2-20 degrees Celsius, or about 2-3 years if stored at 2-8 degrees Celsius.


The above two situations make many people who go out for business or hiking have a headache. It is impossible to carry a large refrigerator outside, and the insulation box products can only rely on ice to maintain the temperature, but it is not safe. First, it is difficult to maintain a constant temperature effect, which is also due to the characteristics of the ice itself: the temperature is very low at the beginning, but as time goes on, the ice itself slowly melts and slowly rises in temperature, leading to uncontrollable temperature.


Secondly, for some people who travel for a long time, those who rely on ice products for refrigeration also need to consider the tedious process of changing and refreezing the ice, and the process of freezing the ice each time also takes a long time.


Now, a kind of insulin needle storage box can be connected to the power supply -- Bestman insulin refrigerator box. The constant temperature effect is very good, which can ensure the constant temperature between 2-8 degrees for a long time, and the constant control of each degree can fully solve the problem of medicine storage for people going out.


First, portable: for people with stroke out luggage to varying degrees, the design concept of refrigerated box also give full consideration to save space, and student's pencil case size to maximize the use of space, not only save a space, and there is enough capacity, so that you can use in out insulin needles need to maintain a constant temperature of the class of drugs.


Secondly, the temperature fluctuation is small: since the electrified products always have a power supply, the temperature will hardly fluctuate. More importantly, the small size of the refrigerating box plays a crucial role in keeping the temperature constant.


Third, practicality: the biggest worry for travellers is whether things can be 'taken and gone'. For today, power is available, and insulin reefers are designed to provide multiple power supplies to meet user needs. For example, cars can be plugged into cigarette lighters, and there are charging ports on trains and planes. In the case that no power can be connected, the refrigerator itself is also equipped with lithium battery for the normal use of the insulin refrigerator, or external battery can be optional to ensure the longer use of the refrigerator, which fully solves the problem of normal operation in various situations without power.


Fourth, the beisman insulin reefer box can also meet the needs of people travelling by plane. Because the reefer box does not contain any liquid, it will not be separated from the passengers in the luggage when boarding the plane, so that the medicine can be kept close to the user to ensure the user's confidence.