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Bestman fetus-voice meter, crossed the century, only to care for millions of pregnant mothers


As a well-established medical device company founded in 1998, Bestman  has been in business for 22 years, and its business tenet is "scientific and technological innovation, create wealth, return to society, and contribute to human health". It is one of the brands in the field of foetal monitoring in China, and also a brand in the field of Doppler blood flow detection. It is a high-tech medical equipment company integrating independent research and development, production and sales.

In 2003, the moulding self-destructing device developed by Bestman  was sold well in China. 2020, the forehead temperature gun developed by Bestman  was exported to China and overseas. In two epidemics and two battles, Bestman  has stood on the front line of the fight against the epidemic. As you can see, Bestman's growth and the country's growth go hand in hand, they went through two disasters together and they became strong together. Continuously exploring, innovating and overcoming difficulties is what we are built on.

The founder of Bestman is the engineer who developed the successful foetus in China. The product has a history of 20 years, and Bestman is also the brand that independently develops and produces foetuses.

In the 1990s, we developed the successful ultrasound Doppler foetal. We are the earlier ultrasound doppler foetus engineers in China who successfully applied ultrasound doppler foetus technology. we participated in the drafting of the ultrasound doppler foetus industry standard in 1994, and participated in the revision in 2016. It can be said that the start, development and growth of foetal in the industry are all related to Bestman . Obtained a number of patents related to fetal heart, the product has been updated several times, more suitable for pregnant mothers.


Bestman's Fetal Heart is not only very early, but also very powerful. The Bestman Fetal Heart has received both FDA and CE approvals, the former being the world's stringent US Food and Drug Administration certification, which is the only one that allows it to be distributed in the markets of the United States and its allied countries. The latter is the EU certification, which is the world's EU-certified market, and certified products can be distributed in the EU market.

Being FDA and CE certified means that our unborn children can be distributed all over the world and that mothers of all nationalities and races can be cared for by our unborn children. It's an endorsement of our brand and products and an honour to be part of our unborn children.

Currently, Bestman Fetal Heart is mainly sold to major hospitals at home and abroad, as the product is highly appreciated by healthcare professionals because of its stable performance, clear fetal heart sound and low noise. Our engineers have carefully designed the look of our favourite home tyre product to make it more attractive, sophisticated and appealing to young mothers.