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Digital isolation technology is for minimizing component drift v/s time& temperature to guarantee high-adaptability of the equipment to the environment.
Digital signal processor for effective inhibition of baseline drift, AC interference filter, EMG interference filter and the heart rate, to guarantee the authenticity and dependability.
Auto-regulation of baseline drift can effectively inhibit baseline drift, optimizing the printing position to achieve high-quality ECG.
With a high–resolution thermal printer to print out ECG waveform, describing the trace clear and accurate, annotation as well as related parameters for diagnostic reference.
Roll recording paper for ECG-203 is 63mm in width, simultaneous 12 lead acquisition, and 3 lead live record, high affectivity of ECG examination, good effect and economic utility.
Function of rhythm lead for observing abnormal ECG trace & heart rate.
Supported by AC/Rechargeable battery for continuous examination whenever is necessary. For battery operation, ECG-203 is equipped with a battery charger and a system for battery capacity management and protection.
Safety level for ECG-203 corresponds to Type CF, Class I according to the GB9706.1-1995 criterion.


Lead: Standard 12 leads, changing lead automaticallyInput mode: Floating input circuit; Protection against defibrillation effect
leakage current: <10uAlnput Impedance≥50MΩ
Calibration Voltage: 1mV(±3%)
Sampling rate: 1ms
A/D Converter: 12bit
frequency response: 0.05Hz-150Hz(-3dB)
time constant: >3.2s
CMRR: >80dB  >100dB(with filter)
CMRR: >80dB; >100dB(with AC filter in use)
35Hz(-3dB)/25Hz(-3dB)EMG Interference filter: 35Hz(-3dB)/25Hz(-3dB)
Recording Mode: Thermal printer
Paper Speed: 25.50mm/s±3%
Paper Size: 63mmx20m/63mmx30m, roll type: <50nA
input loop current:
DC output:10mm/V,single output port: >100KΩ
DC external input: 10mm/V,single end input: >100KΩ
ECG output:0.5V/mV,single end output: <100Ω
Safety Standard: I-CF, Protector form defibrillation
300mV anti-polarization voltage: <15u Vp-p
Noise Level : <15µVP-P
Power: AC 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz;  DC 12V


The product approved by CE, Free sale certification. If you need copy of the files, please contact our sales.

Single unit Dimension: 42cm x 26cm x 30cm              Gross Weight: 7kg
4 pcs/carton  Dimension: 42cm x 52cm x 60cm          Gross Weight: 27kg
Normative collocation: manufacturer's  identify certificate 1 piece, packing list 1 piece, eligibility card 1 piece, warranty card 1 piece,63mm Thermal Recording Paper 1 roll, patient cable 1 piece, Three plugged power cable 1 piece, limb electrode(limb nip) 4 pcs, chest electrode (sucking ball) 6 pcs, AC electric fuse 2 pieces, user manual 1 pcs, Grounding Cable 1 pcs