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Disinfection robot
Intelligent disinfection vehicle BST-AI6A has various disinfection modes, capable of disinfecting infectious disease area, radiation area, workshop community and intervention room, reducing the risk of disinfecting personnel being infected, being radiated and cross-infected. It is also capable of disinfecting high speed rail, high speed rail station, various commercial places halls, etc., reducing the workload of disinfectors and disinfecting personnel.
Product introduction

1. Ultraviolet sterilization

2.Ozone sterilization

3. Disinfectant spray disinfection triple disinfection function can be

4. LIDAR scanning panoramic planning route automatically work

5. Low battery automatically go to charge, keep energy enough

6. Abnormal situation with alarm function, emergency braking function

Product Advantage:

Multiple disinfection modes

High-level disinfection

Super endurance

Intelligent route planning

Functional features :

Fogging disinfection: compatible with a variety of disinfectant solution fogging (84 disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide, etc.), fogging volume of 50ml/min, head more than 1.5m

Ozone disinfection: 100W ozone generating power, active air supply

Ultraviolet disinfection: 40W ultraviolet lamp 360° irradiation, automatic lifting and lowering

Obstacle avoidance system: 360°distribution of multi-layer ultrasonic sensors, can identify any angle obstacles, chassis installation of anti-drop sensors

Monitoring system: atomization, ozone, UV, drive system function failure detection, disinfectant liquid level monitoring, sensor status monitoring

Application scope:

1、Disinfection of infectious disease areas: reduce the risk of disinfection personnel being infected and cross-infection

2、Disinfection of radiation area, radiation area, intervention room, reduce the risk of disinfection personnel by radiation

3, High-speed rail, high-speed rail station, all kinds of commercial places hall, etc., to reduce the workload of disinfection personnel and disinfection personnel.